LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, Hubble get checked by Dr. Kathy Sullivan

Former astronaut and history-maker Dr. Kathy Sullivan joined NASA for an inspection of the next major LEGO set. This is the LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery, complete with built-in and deployable Hubble Space Telescope. As part of the NASA STS-31 mission, Dr. Sullivan played an essential part in the planning of Hubble and deployment of the space telescope with Discovery. Now she's here to make sure the LEGO set is on-point.

There are two options for the video interview with Dr. Sullivan for this set. One is the very basic interview, available to all, as you'll see below. Then there's an extended interview you can access if you're a LEGO VIP member. That's a free club you can join that's the equivalent of a mailing list with early access to sets and exclusives.

There's another video available showing a deeper peek at the set that you'll see below. This video features LEGO designers Mani, Nico, and Milan.

The LEGO NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set has a total of 2,345 pieces and marks the 40th anniversary since the first Space Shuttle Flight in April 1981. The Space Shuttle Discovery first flew in the year 1984 and took part in the launch of Hubble in the year 1990.

This set has the Discovery Space Shuttle and Hubble Telescope, both with multiple moving parts, functional bits, and details aplenty. This set also includes two stands and two plaque setups, allowing the user to display just the Shuttle or both the Shuttle and Hubble, courtesy of Canadarm!

The LEGO Space Shuttle Discovery set has a release date of April 1st, 2021 (no joke) through LEGO online and in LEGO Retail stores. This set is recommended for ages 18 and up and has a cost of approximately $200 USD.