LEGO Life is a safe social network for young builders

Everything is social these days. Almost everything has a way to share anything and everything online. Kids are taught an early age to share and be proud of even the simple things they make but it hasn't been easy, let alone safe, for them to share those works of creativity on the usual social networks. That is why LEGO is making its own social network called LEGO Life made especially just for kids, to let them share their creations and inspire other creators. Of course, it all revolves around LEGO. Even the keyboard is LEGO!

The LEGO on screen keyboard isn't simply a themed keyboard. It is, in fact, the only keyboard you can use inside LEGO Life. Think of it as a LEGO-specific language, LEGO-glyphs, if you will. It serves the function of allowing kids to be more expressive and creative in their communication. But it's also a subtle way to make sure that the images and messages they sent are all child-friendly and LEGO-approved only.

Unlike your run of the mill social network, LEGO Life is naturally more locked down, curated, and monitored. Everything, including the choice of name and profile picture, is designed for anonymity. Kids won't be able to user their real names and must use a random name generator that strings together 3 whimsical words. They can't use a real photo either. Instead, they'll be making their own LEGO mini-figure to represent them.

In almost all other aspects, LEGO Life is like your average social network, where kids can post their latest LEGO masterpieces and follow other creators in a news feed. But they don't have to follow humans only either. LEGO Life also has some content and updates related to popular LEGO characters from NInjago and DC Comics, just to name a few.

LEGO Life is available for free on Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store. Unlike most social networks, however, there doesn't seem to be a browser-based way to join the fun.