Lego Indiana Jones demo now available

Last night I decided that I needed to pick up the new Indiana Jones Special Edition DVDs. Upon looking at the box I realized that the demo for the new Lego-themed game had been released. Naturally I popped in the DVD and fired it up to get some demo action.

Don't let the box fool you, there's no demo on the DVD. You'll actually be directed to a download site (which is here). There you will download a 450MB file (it shouldn't take long, and it's well worth any wait that you might have) and once that is done, you can start playing.

The short bit of the game I was able to play was a blast. The gameplay mechanics were very similar to the Lego Star Wars games, but while the controls felt very familiar, I didn't feel like I was just playing the same old game with new characters. They keep you rotating between characters by having them use special tools (shovel, wrench, etc) in specific areas.

The cutscenes look just as great as one would expect, and they have kept their sense of humor (which is almost required for a game like this). They even play homage to the Star Wars titles briefly towards the end of the demo. If you have a little bit of time to kill, definitely download this one.