LEGO Ideas Home Alone set packs 3,955 pieces and will arrive for the holidays

LEGO has introduced its largest Ideas set ever, one based on the home and antics featured in the classic Christmas movie Home Alone. The set is a fan creation submitted as a LEGO Ideas concept by Ukrainian designer Alex Storozhuk. The massive Home Alone set includes faithful recreations of many popular scenes from the movie.

The LEGO Ideas Home Alone set features the iconic Home Alone house, including a highly detailed interior view with everything from the scary basement furnace to the upstairs zipline leading to a tree in the backyard. Multiple minifigs are included with the set, including Kevin and both robbers, Harry and Marv. Buzz's tarantula is included, too.

Fans of the movie will note small details from popular scenes, including aftershave, the paint cans used on the stairway to knock out the thieves, and even the flame used to heat up the doorknob. In addition to the robbers' van, the LEGO Ideas Home Alone set also features subtle elements that round out its highly detailed nature — the basement furnace glows, for example, and some of the elements can be hand-cranked for action.

The final design based on the Ideas concept was created by LEGO designer Antica Braconov, according to the company. The set is listed on the LEGO website now with item number 21330 and an age rating of 18+. Buyers can expect a total of five Minifigures and 3,955 pieces.

As expected for a large LEGO set, the Ideas Home Alone product doesn't come cheap. The kit will cost $249.99 USD when it goes on sale starting November 1. Check out the Ideas Home Alone product page on LEGO's website for more images and specifications.