LEGO Doctor Who set gets official approval

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 5, 2015, 3:50am CST
LEGO Doctor Who set gets official approval

If you’ve been biting your nails for the past few months in hopes that LEGO would give the Doctor Who set its approval, we have some good news for you. LEGO announced yesterday that the project has been reviewed and approved, and will be officially arriving in the relatively near future. The project first surfaced a few months ago, seeking supporters on LEGO Ideas. It hit the required 10,000 supporters, and after a long wait has finally been given the thumbs-up.

The Doctor Who set survived the LEGO Ideas Review and will become available soon. We have artist Andy Clark to thank for it; he designed the image you see above and talks about his project in the video below. The set is officially called “Doctor Who and Companions”.

This project has the honor of being the third from amongst LEGO’s first 2014 review round to get approval. LEGO also announced yesterday that Pixar animator Angus MacLane’s WALL-E model has also been given approval and will become an official set.

Further details about the upcoming Doctor Who set isn’t known. LEGO says the final design is still being worked on, and that it’ll update later on with the pricing and availability. Until then, check out our LEGO portal and the time below for more!


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