LEGO cyborg arm is a functional smartphone-toting mech sleeve

You might not be able to dabble in DARPA robotics, but that doesn't mean you can't make your own cyborg contraptions. Using LEGO Mark VI Mindstorms, Diavo Voltaggio created his own cyborg arm (complete with a smartphone mount) that can grasp objects.

The cyborg arm was shown off at BrickFair Virginia, where its creator detailed how the contraption works. Using the LEGOs and four motors, a series of buttons positioned near the fingers are pressed to activate the fingers; releasing them causes the fingers to open again.

According to the maker, this is the sixth version of his arm designs, with each version being rebuilt to be more svelte and stronger. To give it a futuristic design, he included LED lights and a glowing tube. The only downside is that it gets heavy with long use.

Overall, while you might not be fighting any battles, it's a neat contraption, and an interesting way to shake hands with someone. Hit up our LEGO tag portal for other LEGO news and kit reviews.

SOURCE: Ubergizmo