Lego City Undercover comes to Nintendo Wii U

Shane McGlaun - Mar 19, 2013
Lego City Undercover comes to Nintendo Wii U

Nintendo Wii U gamers who are fans of video games in the Lego franchise have a new game to check out coming to the Nintendo Wii U game console. The game is called Lego City Undercover and it is available now exclusively for Nintendo’s new game console. The game is rated E10+ and it’s the first Lego game to take advantage of the second screen available for the Wii U.

The game has players assuming the identity of an undercover detective named Chase McCain. McCain explores the open world of Lego City in an attempt to capture criminal mastermind Rex Fury. The Nintendo Wii U GamePad controller is represented in the game as a gadget used by Chase and other members of the city police department. Using that virtual controller, players are able to communicate with police dispatchers and access the world map.

Players can also place waypoints using the touchscreen on the Nintendo Wii U GamePad and to scan the environment to locate hidden clues or listen in on criminals. Players will use multiple undercover disguises during the game giving Chase unique abilities needed to solve puzzles and complete missions.

Lego City Undercover is the first video game in the Lego franchise to be based on the available Lego City play sets. Lego says that players will encounter familiar real-world Lego play sets in the game. The game will also allow players to take command of over 100 different vehicles including aircraft, sports cars, and motorcycles. A special Lego building set to complement the game is also available in stores.

[via Lego City Undercover]

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