LEGO Builder's Journey expands beyond Apple Arcade

The unique LEGO experience known as LEGO Builder's Journey was announced as ready to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch at last. This game was first launched on Apple Arcade, for mobile devices and macOS desktop machines. Now it's ready for both the Nintendo Switch portable gaming device and the PC (with Windows) – through Steam and the Epic Games Store.

It's a "beautifully artistic, nonverbal puzzle adventure with meditative music." It's a sort of story, following a father and son "on a heartwarming journey through a LEGO world." This is a definite departure from the average LEGO video game – that being a product that's generally wild, crazy, and aiming at comedy.

The original version of this game has been in Apple Arcade since launch. If you've played the game on iOS or macOS, you'll find this latest release similar, but wholly refurbished. This looks and feels significantly different from that original release, courtesy of next-level graphics via the Unity HDRP rendering pipeline and NVIDIA RTX tech.

The PC version, especially, takes the visual experience out a whole new door. With the PC version of LEGO Builder's Journey, LEGO promises "significant graphical upgrades" including global illumination, ray-traced ambient occlusion, shadows, and reflections.

You can also access this game through Apple Arcade for mobile devices. Take a peek at the video below to learn more about how this game came to be and how a dedicated team of creators continue to develop the experience now and through the future.

The latest version of LEGO Builder's Journey will be released to both PC and Nintendo Switch. The release date for both PC and Nintendo Switch for LEGO Builder's Journey is June 22, 2021. This game will be available on the Nintendo Switch store and on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store.