Legendary and Microsoft HoloLens team to bring game characters to life

If you have ever played your favorite video game and wondered what it might be like to meet your favorite characters in the real world, Legendary and Microsoft HoloLens have teamed up to give you that ability. Legendary is a company that is big in the technology side of the movie industry and has teamed up with HoloLens to create augmented reality version of game characters that fans can interact with.

"Microsoft HoloLens lets us bring characters from the worlds we create into the real world," says Emily Castel, Chief Marketing Officer at Legendary. "Our fans get to interact and have fun with our characters in a completely new way, giving them a unique experience they can share with their friends through video and social media. This is exciting for us, and for the creators we work with."

Microsoft says that HoloLens allows characters to jump off the screen and into the fans living room where they can direct and star with the characters in mixed reality movies. Microsoft says that it doesn't matter if the character you like is a human actor or an animation, both can be seen as a lifelike hologram. This technglyo was shown off at the premiere of the Warcraft movie in Hollywood.

During this demo, fans were able to meet Orgrim Doomhammer as a hologram via the HoloLens device. Some video of that tech in action is below that you can check out. Microsoft and Legendary hope their partnership helps to drive creativity and engagement of movies and characters to new platforms in the future. It's certainly cool how the holograms can interact with people with the technology.

SOURCE: windows