Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Switch port rumors just got a big boost

Back when the Switch was still just a budding console coming into its own, we heard rumors that claimed Nintendo was considering porting The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword to the platform. Nintendo quickly quashed those rumors, saying it had no plans to bring the game forward to the Switch. Indeed, that was the last we heard of a Skyward Sword port for Nintendo Switch – until today, that is.

Famed Twitter sleuth and deal hunter Wario64 published a very interesting screenshot of an Amazon UK listing over the weekend. The listing is for – you guessed it – Skyward Sword on Nintendo Switch. The screenshot doesn't show a release date, but it does show a price of £69.99.

Obviously, this isn't the hard confirmation Zelda fans are probably looking for, but it is a sign of life for a rumor we thought was long dead. Nintendo, of course, is no stranger to porting previous-generation games to the Switch, as it's brought a number of Wii U games forward to its new console.

In bringing Skyward Sword to the Switch, Nintendo would likely have to do a bit more than simply porting the game. Skyward Sword was deeply integrated with the Wii's motion controls, and while the Switch's Joy-Cons are certainly capable of motion controls, Nintendo would likely want to change the Switch version of Skyward Sword to offer multiple control schemes. We'd also presumably see a fairly substantial upgrade to Skyward Sword's graphics in the jump to the Switch, since the Wii was a standard definition console.

All of this is mere speculation on my part though, since a Switch port of Skyward Sword is far from confirmed. We'll keep an eye on Nintendo for more information, but for now, it seems possible that we may one day see Skyward Sword on the Switch.