LED persistence of vision watch

James Allan Brady - Feb 20, 2008

Well, if you thought the TokyoFlash watches made you look nerdy, then clearly you underestimated geekdom. This new LED watch is made by Nate True and requires you to swing your arm like a madman to see the time.

Actually there is a simple binary time display to it as well, so you don’t have to swing your arms like a madman. There is also some sort of flashlight mode where all the lights get turned on, that’s nifty.

I wonder what the battery life is though? Anyways, you have four options for purchasing, you can buy the chip behind the watch only, a kit with everything to put together yourself, a preassembled board (you provide the enclosure/wristband), or finally, a complete watch, the last one being the most expensive costs $189, the chip only is the cheapest and is $15.

[via boingboing]

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