LED from Seoul semiconductors could be world’s brightest

James Allan Brady - Sep 23, 2007

One LED, on average, will put out about 100 lumens, this new LED, four times that. That’s right, 400 lumens from one LED, I know what you are thinking, this thing must suck a lot of power, not so much, eight watts.

The average light of the LED is actually 350 lumens and the maximum is 420 lumens. That’s still not bad, 350 lumens from a single LED at 8w means they can start implementing them for cheap hopefully, in the industrial and residential markets. Just imagine how much energy your city would save if they switched their street lights to this?

You could even implement an array of them at a lower power setting for redundancy and save power. You should start seeing them some time later this year, like I said, hopefully they don’t cost too much.

World’s Brightest Single LED from Seoul semiconductors [via newlaunches]

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