LED Escape Light Features Built-In Projector to Make Escaping Easier

If you're in a place every day, then you've probably made note where the escape routes are, especially where those lighted EXIT signs are. But, if you're in a place you're unfamiliar with, and something happens where you need to escape, then finding those things could be easier said than done. That's why the designers of the LED Escape Light won a Liteon Award for their design, which is meant to make escaping from danger easier, and safer.

The concept design is meant to make it so that if you're escaping, you can pull one of the LED-equipped "bars" from the housing, and then use it directly to not only light your way, but also use it as a portable mapping system. There's a built-in projector in each bar, which is used to project a map out in front of you, showing not only where the exit is, but where you are in relation to that exit. The portable LED electric torch may look like an encased flare, but it isn't.

It's designed by a bunch of different designers, including Li-Yu Chiao, Cheng-Cheng Chun and Ming-DaYang. The housing makes it easy for those in a danger, unfamiliar location to run by the case and grab a stick. There's no word on how the item will be powered while it's mounted on a wall, or how we'll fix the whole "try and find an LED Escape Light Station," which will probably pop up, but if we can get these into enough places, and hung pretty much everywhere, then we shouldn't have anything to worry about.

[via Yanko Design]