Leaked video appears to show Sony A77 DSLR

Photographers and camera fans have been following the leaks and details that have surfaced hinting at the features and awesome that the Sony alpha A77 will be packing when it comes to market. So far, we have seen several pics with the last leaked pics showing the A77 with its battery grip. A short video has surfaced today on YouTube that shows the camera.

The video is an artsy job with a beach and a person finding what appears to be the A77 half buried in the sand. The person that finds the camera picks it up and shoots a photo of the beach using the live view mode of the camera. It's interesting to see the camera in the hands of a person though to get an idea of the scale of the A77.

The camera looks very large and substantial. I'm not sure of the image in the closing scenes of the video is supposed to be a still shot with the A77 or not. Either way the DSLR looks really cook and should prove to be popular with fans of Sony digital cameras. You can see the short video for yourself below.

[via Arturo Fukuda on Google+]