Leaked photo is allegedly the Samsung Galaxy S III

A photo has been leaked online to the website called OPDA. According to the person who leaked the shot it's a slightly scrambled image of the Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. The person who leaked the photo claims to be testing the device for Samsung. You can see from the image that the icons have been scrambled.

We need to take this image with a grain of salt, if you're going to go so far as leaking an image of a smartphone you're testing, scrambling the icons with a photo filter will seemingly do little to help you if you get caught. The photograph is interesting because it confirms some other rumors that have been floating around about the device.

Those rumors have pegged the S III to have a UI with as many as five columns on the screen at once. It's always nice to get more information on your screen at one time so you don't have to scroll as much, that will be a welcome feature. There are no indications of what hardware will be inside the device from the photo leaker. We can see that it has spots for a physical home button, speaker, sensors, and a front camera lens. BGR points out that the phone is running Android 4.0. Rumors had previously claimed that the phone would run a 1.5 GHz processor have a 4.8 inch screen capable of displaying full HD resolution.

[via OPDA]