Leaked iPhone 6 shot shows purported 5.5-inch display

Nate Swanner - Jun 21, 2014
Leaked iPhone 6 shot shows purported 5.5-inch display

We’ve seen our share of iPhone 6, 4.7-inch stuff, but what about that big ‘ol 5.5-inch screened device that’s also supposed to arrive this fall? A new leak claims to show the LCD panel from that device, holding it up with a ruler to show us all just how big it is. Measured diagonally, it’s just over that 5.5-inch size we’ve heard of.

To be really accurate, the display shown measures to 14cm, which is 5.51-inches. To be really skeptical, this could be any display from any device, even one that isn’t an iPhone or a smartphone at all. The square-ish shape definitely looks the iPhone part, which lends credence to this rumor, but offers up no credentials as to where it came from.

Without a side-by-side to a dummy iPhone model, it’s also hard to really tell if the size and orientation is accurate. We’ve seen various leaks claiming to be the bigger iPhone(s), and this screen looks very similar those devices with regard to size, but it’s still a leak.


The problem we have with this one is the same we have with any leaked iPhone stuff right now — it doesn’t give us a working model of anything. We don’t think there to be a lot of working models out there just yet, but it wold be nice to see a working version of iOS on something larger, if we’re really getting a larger iPhone this fall.

For now, we can start to imagine what a finished device would look like in the hand, given this and other leaks. Does a 5.5-inch iPhone excite you? Do you want this, the expected 4.7-inch device, or will you stick with the 4-incher? Let us know in the comments section below!

Source: 9to5Mac

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