Leaked iPhone 6 pics give best look yet at device

Nate Swanner - Aug 29, 2014
Leaked iPhone 6 pics give best look yet at device

Here we go again: iPhone 6 leaks. This time is like most other times we’ve talked iPhone 6, with the rear shell and front glass being shown off. The items in these pics are believed to be “near-final” builds, again highlighting that what we see here may not be what we get on September 9.

The glass is nothing unfamiliar, but with it we find another solid clue that the screen is bigger (duh), and there are a few design changes as well. The bottom and top bezel are a touch smaller, with the home button taking up a lion’s share of the vertical space at the bottom center. Up top, we have a third opening. Interestingly enough, it seems to be a bit opaque, and not a straight-through cutout.

Given the sloping sides of the glass, the screen real estate is of interest. In-hand, the iPhone 6 looks to have the slimmest side bezels of any Apple device we’ve ever seen. With the rear metal melding into the front glass, we could be left with a lot of screen staring back at us instead of a lot of empty space.

Around back, we find nothing too new. The strange new HTC One-ish tracks are there, suggesting they need to be for cellular activity, just like the One. While that’s a bit of a stylistic oddity for Apple, we hope to find a more pleasant color scheme in the final build. The One (M8) has a classier, dark rubberized fill for their channels. Something similar would be preferable here.

The rest of the device is as we left it last time — slim, sleek, and with all the rumored changes like the volume buttons in place. the inside rear cover shows a filled Apple logo, something we saw in an earlier leak. That new metal might help with NFC transmissions, which is something nearly confirmed for the iPhone 6.

Via: Mac Rumors

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