Leaked email hints at Samsung's Lollipop upgrade plan

Most Android users don't have a Nexus device, and Motorola is still not a preeminent OEM. That means most people don't see Android updates when they're launched, and have to wait a period of time before the manufacturer of their phone (and possibly carrier) get it together and update their handset. Plenty of reasons for the delay exist, and Google would rather we have their newest Android quickly, but most are left wanting. A leaked email suggests Samsung is priming their Experience Shop associates for Lollipop to hit in January.

The focal point of the update will be the Galaxy S5, according to the source, which technically serves as the flagship for Samsung's mobile ambitions. The Note 4 will get Lollipop soon after, with the Note Edge also seeing Lollipop.

After those three devices, Samsung will start to implement Lollipop on older handsets like the Note 3 and Galaxy S4. Tablets will follow suit, likely receiving the Lollipop update sometime in mid-2015.

The email, which you see above, was sent to Experience Shop employees in advance of the updates hitting handsets. The email is meant to provide a roadmap for updating devices in-store when the time is right. An in-store update would coincide with customers seeing the Lollipop update hit their phones.

It's worth noting that the leaked email doesn't show the timeframe; that's what the employee leaking the email is saying they hear from people above their pay-grade.

Source: Reddit

Via: Phandroid