Leaked Boxee TV gets integrated HDTV antenna and DVR

An interesting new set-top box from Boxee has leaked today called the Boxee TV. According to the source who leaked the photographs, the set top box combines an over the air HDTV antenna and DVR functionality allowing users to record programs using free HD broadcasts in the area. The device is also tipped to feature support for web apps.

The set-top box is manufactured by D-Link for Boxee and looks more like a traditional set-top box than some of the company's previous devices. Previously, Boxee offered the ability to view live TV by connecting a separately available external tuner to their existing products. The new Boxee TV supposedly has that TV tuner built right in.

It appears that the set-top box is available to beta testers right now, and one of those testers snapped some pictures and leaked them. The tipster notes that documentation included implies that you can watch the content recorded on the box on multiple devices. Presumably, that means using the Boxee smartphone app allows users to watch recorded programs on the go.

Other features of the new set-top box include the ability to stream full HD video within the home across a network. Interestingly, rather than the double sided remote control Boxee currently uses that has a keyboard on one side; the Boxee TV apparently uses a traditional single sided remote offering no keyboard control. Reports indicate that it may be a while before this device turns up for your average consumer to purchase, apparently the software the device runs is unstable and crashes frequently with updates promised from Boxee.

[via The Verge]