Leaked BlackBerry 10 roadmap reveals 2013 plans

Things aren't looking good for RIM, but the company needs to move ahead if it wants to try to survive in such a competitive market. BlackBerryOS have gotten their hands on RIM's roadmap going forward, which shows several BlackBerry devices planned for release. The first is the elusive 4G version of the BlackBerry PlayBook. Rumors have indicated that this device has been on the cards for a while, and the slide shows it'll hopefully be landing in the fourth quarter.

Meanwhile, two BlackBerry 10 devices will be released in the first quarter of next year, the London and the Nevada. We've seen hints of both devices previously, with the London being an all touchscreen device and the Nevada sporting a portrait QWERTY keyboard. Interestingly, those devices will launch in Europe before heading to the United States.

After that, the BlackBerry PlayBook will see an update to BlackBerry 10, with three new devices planned. The first is a device codenamed "Nashville", coming in Q2/Q3 2013; then, a 10-inch PlayBook codenamed "Blackforest" will make an appearance in Q3; finally, another BlackBerry device called "Naples" will land in Q3/Q4. The exact details surrounding Nashville and Naples aren't clear.

It's good to see RIM is thinking ahead, but the company will be facing strong competition from every direction. RIM recent financials showed a $518 million loss, with the company announcing a delay of BlackBerry 10 to the first quarter of next year and an additional 5,000 jobs needing to be cut. Year on year, the company saw a 43% drop in revenue.

[via Electronista]