Leak reveals when the next Fortnite earthquakes will happen

Brittany A. Roston - Feb 15, 2019, 6:24 pm CDT
Leak reveals when the next Fortnite earthquakes will happen

Soon after the 7.40 update arrived, Fortnite players were surprised by an earthquake that shook the island. Large cracks appeared on the island’s surface after these earthquakes, the trembling no doubt foreshadowing whatever Epic will debut with the game’s Season 8. Though the earthquakes are seemingly random, a new leak has revealed a time chart allegedly showing when the next will take place.

Epic has repeatedly introduced random, fun surprises in its battle royale game, these having ranged from lightning bolts zapping the ground to a giant cube that slowly circled the map. These surprise events are part of Fortnite‘s overall storyline, the plot of which is still being unraveled.

We don’t know what the earthquakes represent at this time, nor what Epic has planned for Season 8. The company has repeatedly made large changes to its island, including replacing cities, destroying the lake, and more. The large cracks in the ground indicate something may be making its way to the surface.

Because this in-game phenomena is unannounced, the only way to witness it is to get lucky and be nearby when it happens…or discover a leak that tips when the next occurrence will take place. Twitter users “Im_Rubic” and “Lucas7Yoshi” figured out when the earthquakes are (most likely) going to happen and shared the results in a time chart.

To make things easier, there’s a new website called Fnbr.co/quake that tracks the Fortnite earthquakes and presents players with a timer counting down to when the next quake is expected to happen. It’s hard to guess how long these earthquakes will last — they may persist until the end of the season, or they may reveal something before Season 7 ends.

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