League of Legends to update Summoner's Rift map

Riot Games could have a veritable riot on its hands (not necessarily of the negative fashion) in the near future, announcing plans to revise the single most popular League of Legends map, Summoner's Rift. The goal is to avoid introducing any fundamental changes to the map, but to make it easier to stay oriented and understand what is going on.

The video below shows beta footage for the upcoming Summoner's Rift map, which will be arriving with an update in the near future. Said the company in a blog post earlier today, it is "focusing on preserving the spirit" of the map.

Gamers are assured that things like lane sizes, turret ranges, flashable walls, ward placements, and brush interaction will stay entirely unchanged in the new version of the map, with "moment-to-moment" gameplay remaining the same as it has been.

The most important information needed in any given moment is where Riot Games has turned its attention, aiming to make that data more clear to gamers. In addition, the changes should help players keep their orientation through the use of "thoughtfully placed" colors and landmarks.

Gamers' responses to the above video have been mixed, with some expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming changes, and others worrying it could usher in unsavory elements.

SOURCE: League of Legends