Leaf rolls out new medium format cameras : Leaf AFi‐II and Leaf Aptus-II camera backs

Leaf announces successors to its existing line of medium format cameras featuring a new family of medium format cameras and camera backs-The Leaf AFi-II 6, 7 and 10 digital camera systems and the Leaf Aptus-II 6, 7 and 10 digital camera backs.

The new Leaf AFi‐II camera systems and camera back, Leaf Aptus now featuring a brighter 3.5-inch touch screen LCD display, 12 stops dynamic range, 16 bits color depth and ISO sensitivity range of 50-800. The Leaf AFi-II 7 and 10 also has a 90 degree tilting LCD display, a feature first for medium format medium format cameras. Additional features include Leaf Verto and Leaf SensorFlex.

The AFi-II 10 and Aptus‐II 10 use a 56 megapixel, 56 x 36mm wide imaging sensor while both model 6and 7 use a standard 4:3 imaging sensor – AFi-II 7 and Aptus‐II 7 on 33 megapixel, 48 x 36mm and smaller 28 megapixel, 44x33mm sensor on AFi-II 6 and Aptus‐II 6. Like most expensive medium format digital cameras, they are ranged from $20,995 to $39,995 and should be in shops by PhotoKina 2008.

[via Leaf]