Leaf Aptus-II 12 80-megapixel camera back now shipping for $32k

Got strong hands, a hatred of low-resolution images and $31,995 burning a hole in your pocket? Leaf would love to help, with PhotographyBlog reporting that the company's 80-megapixel Aptus-II 12 digital camera back is now shipping. Announced back in September [PDF link], the Aptus-II 12 has a 53.7 x 40.3 mm sensor capable of 80-800 ISO range and 1.5 fps.

The camera back will work with Phase One 645DF and AF and Mamiya 645DF and AF cameras, most Hasselblad V models and a selection of large format cameras via adaptors. On the back there's a 3.5-inch touchscreen for control, and the end result is up to 10,320 x 7,752 images at up to 480MB.