LCD Window Thermometer

Christina Crouch - Jan 16, 2008

Once you attach this LCD Window Thermometer to your window you’ll never have to go outside to test what the weather is like again. This device will give you all the information you need to dress and plan appropriately for the day.

It’ll not only give you the current temperature but also tell you the lows and highs of the day. Maybe I was a little off on its information scale because actually that’s all it does. It’s detachable so you can place it anywhere you like and then change your mind and it’s also weather resistant.

lcd thermometer

There maybe better ways to get this information but if hooked you can pick on up at ThinkGeek for $15. Maybe if this were paired with that weather predicting umbrella it’d be a little more interesting.

Outdoor LCD Window Thermometer
[via Gizmodo]

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