LCD BacPac HD HERO Video - Mas Awesome

GoPro's HD HERO is tiny, waterproof, and now it has a new accessory, an LCD screen. The original camera had no screen in order to keep it small and light, but there are times when an LCD would come in handy. Following up from our earlier post about the LCD BacPac, here is the official video. Continue after the break to get more details about the BacPac...

The LCD BacPac sells for  $79.99, and can attach to the waterproof housing of the camera as well as to the wrist housing.

Video text:  "The LCD BacPac from GoPro makes it easy to shoot and watch your footage directly on your HD HERO camera, and it's removable, making it easy to keep your GoPro as small and light as possible during your favorite activities. And of course, it makes using your GoPro as an everyday camera even more fun. The LCD BacPac makes the already awesome HD HERO camera "un poquito mas awesome" (screen reads "a little bit more awesome")"

[via GoPro]