Layar Vision puts augmented reality over real-world items sans tags

I think augmented reality is pretty cool especially when the AR has to do with giving more product details on something you are looking at or when the AR is just plain cool. The thing is that generally, the AR coolness requires the products to be tagged and I have yet to see a product with a tag in my travels that supports AR.

Layar is the largest augmented reality platform out there and the company has a very cool sounding new twist for developers called Layar Vision. This is an AR platform that will allow for cool AR layars that need no tags or scan codes to work. The Vision platform is able to recognize real world objects and show digital content on top of them.

The platform can detect up to 50 items and combine them with location-based layers. The layers can apparently be products or actual locations too. Documents for Layar Vision are on the website right now. Devs will have access to beta versions of the software in the coming weeks and the finished product should launch in Q4. Support will be offered for Android and iOS devices via apps.

[via Andorid Community]