Layar takes renewed stab at simplifying interactive magazine pages

This week the folks at Layar have spoken up on their newest update to the system they called Layar Creator. With this tool, users are able to create images that, when tapped in on with a device (like a mobile phone, for example), will become interactive. This is done with augmented reality.

Layar has been working with groups like Gamour, Elle, Cosmopolitan and a variety of other companies for some time. They've got 80,000 publishers, brands, and marketeers under their belt thus far, and with the UI they're pushing now, they're aiming at a broader audience. Layar Creator is an "Interactive Print publication platform", as it were.

While this system isn't explicitly created for the everyday user, here you'll get a look at what it means for publishers and marketeers to get their hands on the back end.

Layar works with magazine pages that are able to be scanned by smartphones. They also make pictures that are able to be scanned by Google Glass. Users are guided to download the Layar app for iOS for their iPhone or for their Android device – the Google Glass app is simply a side-loaded Android app at the moment.

This bit of technology will be expanded beyond the basics as the public grows more and more accustomed to using their smart devices to enliven the content they devour on the daily. Based only on what Layar has shown as a success thus far, we're assuming they'll be around for some time.