LawBreakers trailer destroys Earth's moon, fudges science a bit

In the first trailer for the Boss Key production LawBreakers, this game suggests what might happen were our moon to suddenly explode. They suggest that this explosion was caused by humans – that'd be a feat in and of itself: this massive rock is 3,475 km in diameter and not an easy nut to crack. The moon would require the equivalent of 30 trillion megatons of TNT to destroy – 600 billion nuclear warheads or more. Luckily, "clandestine government testing on the lunar surface" has this covered.

Once you get down to the surface of the Earth once the moon has been destroyed – well – there's no shortage of theories for what'll happen then. If you ask Jonathan O'Callaghan of Space Answers, the remaining bits of the moon that weren't obliterated might just come back together and create a new, slightly less beautiful moon.

If you ask Dr. Phil Plait speaking today with Engadget, supposing we did a good enough job of knocking the bits of the moon apart, we'd have only to worry about "millions or billions of tons of debris raining down on Earth over the next few decades."

Gravity here on Earth would not be affected in a way that'd make rocks float. The trailer you're about to see here pre-supposes that somehow the moon's gravity being taken away will also, somehow, drain the Earth of its own gravity somewhat.

Instead, we'd lose a little bit of height on the waves that come in on our ocean's shores. We'd have between 1/2 and 2/3 less gravity pulling "up" on our seas, making low tide and high tide less of a factor in our everyday lives.

Over the long term we COULD have to worry about the wobbly nature of the Earth. The Earth spins on an axis which wobbles, this wobbling kept in check by the moon. While the wobbling would happen faster without the moon, it wouldn't happen for a long, long time.

Have a peek a the SETI talk below given by Jack Lissauer to learn more about what the moon does for our planet Earth.

Then prepare yourself for the imaginative excellence we're expecting from Cliff Bleszinski & Boss Key Productions. This will be a first-person shooter, and it'll look somewhat like what you're seeing here. We'll see more soon!