Law & Order team announces Hunted scripted podcast show

The team behind hit television crime show Laws & Order have announced a new original podcast called Hunted that will tell the story of a fictional Deputy Marshal named Emily Barnes. The podcast is described as a scripted audio fiction series, one that will be produced with Wolf Entertainment, the company that produces Wolf TV shows like Chicago Fire, Law & Order: SUV, Chicago PD, and more.Hunted joins a growing body of original podcasts that mimick old school radio shows, offering dramatization with professional voice actors and sound effects. The new series will feature Deputy Marshal Emily Barnes and her partner Anthony Morra. Law & Order: SUV's Jeffrey Baker will be writing the new podcast, according to Wolf Entertainment.

The show is described as an audio thriller that'll kick off with a story detailing the escape of four prisoners from a maximum-security prison located in Texas. Deputy Marshal Barnes is tapped to hunt down these escaped prisoners, something that is described as an effort that becomes 'one of the most treacherous and violent manhunts' in the US.

The company has tapped Parker Posey, but other voice actors haven't been detailed at this time. The podcast show is being created in partnership with Endeavor Audio; it'll be available starting on November 12 major streaming platforms, including Apple Music, Pandora, and Spotify.

Hunted joins other original audio dramas and fictional podcasts, including Audible Originals, which include Alien works, among other things. These audio shows differ from audiobooks in important ways, including the inclusion of sound effects and different voice actors for an immersive movie-like experience.