Latest Valheim patch makes monsters more dangerous

On the road to Valheim's first major update, the game has received a rather small patch that could still have big implications for their players. For starters, the enemy AI is being tweaked in a couple of different ways, and those tweaks should result in more deadly enemies – or at least more aggressive. Aside from the AI tweaks, players are also getting a new setpiece to build, but it sounds like it'll only be available for a limited time.

According to the notes for Valheim patch 0.155.7, this update makes various "monster AI tweaks." While most of the individual tweaks weren't revealed specifically, Valheim developer Iron Gate AB did say that enemies will now attack structures more aggressively when they can't get to players. Hence, it's probably a good idea to put up some walls around your base if you haven't already.

Iron Gate also says that it has fixed a random save bug that would cause world corruption when shutting down, which is probably great to hear for some among Valheim's playerbase. The patch also fixes an issue that made players click a container multiple times to open it when playing on a multiplayer world.

Greydwarfs will apparently throw better after this update as well, so get ready to brush up on your rock dodging skills. There's also a new Blob event to look out for, changes to the way events are triggered, and now bosses won't run away from players anymore.

Finally, Iron Gate has enabled the Maypole since it's currently Midsummer in Sweden, so build that while you can. Valheim's latest patch is live now on Steam, so apply it to your game and take those enemy AI tweaks for a spin.