Latest PS Vita update locks memory cards to one PSN account

PS Vita's latest firmware update – 1.80 – may bring PSOne Classics with it, but it's also secretly added a new "feature" that's bound to make some Vita owners angry. PS Vita's update to 1.80 locks memory cards to one PSN account, meaning that your days of using multiple PSN accounts on PS Vita are over. That is, unless you want to purchase a separate memory card for each of your accounts.

Of course, the problem with that is Sony's proprietary memory cards are pretty expensive, with a 4GB card costing around $20 at most places. Most PS Vita owners don't use multiple PSN accounts on their Vitas, and in fairness, it's already an ordeal to switch between PSN accounts on the handheld, but here's the kicker: since Sony didn't say anything about this lock down when 1.80 was released, a number of those who did use multiple PSN accounts are now locked out of some of their saves. That's a pretty big problem, and it's understandable why these gamers would be upset.

There is a way to transfer your saves, however, but it requires that you have multiple cards on hand. Folks on NeoGAF are pointing out that PS Vita owners can transfer their save data from one PSN account onto a PS3 and then move it to another memory card. It's a hassle, but if you're someone who frequently switches between regions when playing PS Vita, it's a lot better than losing access to a portion of your content.

As for this move by Sony, it's safe to say that it has a lot of gamers upset. Sony hasn't made a statement on the outrage, and probably won't, considering this stealth implementation. Sorry to say it, PS Vita gamers, but it looks Sony just took away your ability to switch between the different versions of the PlayStation Network. Were you someone who was using multiple PSN accounts on your PS Vita, or are you not affected by this particularly ugly bullet point of firmware update 1.80?