Latest Pokemon Unite balance patch serves up a ton of changes

Pokemon Unite launched on mobile devices today, and it brought a lot with it. In addition to pre-registration freebies that are available to all players, Tencent has also shipped a relatively large balance patch for the game. The balance patch changes nearly all of the Pokemon in the game, with some getting significant changes and others getting small ones.

In fact, the only two Pokemon that don't appear to be impacted by this balance patch are Blissey and Pikachu. Everyone else is being changed in one way or another, and that makes for a very lengthy list of patch notes. You can view the full patch notes on the Pokemon Unite website, but we'll try to go over some of the most significant changes here.

For instance, Charizard has seen several changes, with a movement speed buff to its Flamethrower, a cooldown reduction on its Fire Blast, and some burn changes to Fire Punch. In addition, Charizard's Unite move has also been changed, with Tencent saying that Charizard will now recover HP when damaging enemies for a short time after using it.

Another Pokemon seeing a lot of changes in this patch is Cinderace. The cooldowns for Flame Charge and Pyro Ball have been reduced, and Pyro Ball's damage to enemies has increased. The ability effect timing for Blaze has been tweaked, and a bug that sometimes stopped Cinderace's Unite Move from activating has been fixed. That last change is probably a very welcome one among the Cinderace mains out there.

Wigglytuff has seen some nerfs to Pound and Dazzling Gleam, while its max level special attack has been increased. Cramorant has seen similar damage nerfs to Surf and its Unite Move, while the cooldown of Dive has been reduced and the damage of its boosted attack has been increased.

We actually see a mixture of buffs and nerfs for many Pokemon, so be sure to check the full patch notes over on the Pokemon Unite website for all the details. If you're just getting going on mobile today, have a look at our guide for claiming all of the pre-registration bonuses and unlocking Zeraora in-game as well.