Latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer is here and it's a weird one

The Pokemon Company today dropped a new trailer for Pokemon Legends: Arceus that's unlike any Pokemon trailer we've seen before. In fact, the trailer in question isn't much of a trailer, as there isn't a clear image to be found anywhere in its two-minute run time. Instead, this trailer is more of a "found footage" teaser that seems to suggest the debut of a new Pokemon we've never seen before.

You can watch the trailer embedded below, but there isn't a whole lot to see. The trailer is comprised of fuzzy footage that cuts in and out, just like a damaged videotape would back in the day. At best, we get a few quick glimpses of the area our unnamed researcher and narrator is exploring, with Snorunt being the only Pokemon clearly depicted during the trailer.

While we don't get to see very much, the researcher filming all of this does a pretty good job of explaining what he's seeing. For example, we learn that he's exploring a mountainous region where everything is "blanketed in snow." At one point, the narrator explains that the place has a mysterious air about it and then heads into what appears to be a cave or a forested region – whatever it is, it's dark there.

In there, he encounters a Pokemon he doesn't know. At first, he mistakes it for Hisuian Growlithe or Vulpix but then realizes that it's neither. The researcher says that the Pokemon has a swaying tail with a red tip, eyes that are round and yellow, and white fur on top of its head and around its neck. Unfortunately, that's all we get before the researcher is either attacked or buried in an avalanche, with the video going mostly silent afterward.

What that Pokemon is, we don't know. We know that Pokemon Legends: Arceus will introduce new Pokemon, so perhaps it's one of those? Hopefully, it won't be much longer until we find out, though we're guessing there will be plenty of speculation as we wait for confirmation from The Pokemon Company.