Latest Metroid Dread trailer shows off new gameplay and a surprising enemy

Ever since Metroid Dread was revealed at E3 2021, we've seen several trailers and teasers for the game. Most of those have been cinematic trailers, setting the stage for Metroid Dread without showing off any gameplay. Today we're finally getting to see some more gameplay, with the latest Metroid Dread trailer showing off some of the abilities Samus will have in-game.

Not only do we get a look at the abilities we'll have at our disposal, but we also get to see Samus face off against a surprising foe: a living Chozo. Fans of the Metroid series will know that while the Chozo have played a big part in Metroid lore, they aren't exactly present in Metroid stories. Up until now, in fact, the Chozo have been shrouded in mystery, and there's even been some question as to whether or not any still exist.

It seems this trailer gives us the answer to that question, but things may not be as they seem. In any case, this trailer is not just notable for that surprising fight but also because it serves as an ability showcase. Some of the abilities we see in the trailer include Flash Shift, which allows Samus to dash a set distance either forward or backward; Pulse Radar, which scans the immediate area and highlights breakable environmental objects; and the Grapple Beam, a familiar ability that lets Samus swing on grapple points or pull objects.

Some weapons on display include the Ice Missile, which freezes enemies; the Storm Missile, which fires a salvo of small missiles; and the Cross Bomb, with its four-way explosion. Other familiar abilities Samus will have include the Speed Booster, Shinespark, and Screw Attack.

If you've been waiting to see some more gameplay from Metroid Dread, then this trailer is definitely worth a watch. Metroid Dread is out on Nintendo Switch on October 8th, 2021.