Latest Martin jetpack wants to send you sky high in 2016

If you've ever wanted to soar in the sky like The Rocketeer, you'll soon have your chance. The New Zealand based company, Martin, created its Martin Jetpack which it claims to be the world's first commercially available jetpack. So, just about anyone will be able to buy it–if they have and extra $150,000 USD to blow on the whimsical transportation method. Despite its appeal to James Bond wannabes, the jetpack's main purpose is to aid emergency response teams in hard to reach areas.

This jetpack packs a serious punch. During its test flights, it flew over 1000 meters high at speeds of up to 75 mph. At the recent Paris Airshow, Martin had a virtual reality (powered by Oculus) 4D simulator to show the public what flying via jetpack would actually feel like.

As far as safety is concerned–which is important when you're cruising over 3,000 feet off the ground–the Martin Jetpack takes its cues from F1 racecar designs. It protects the driver with its lightweight design structure. It also includes a ballistic parachute that is capable of deploying at very low altitudes. According to the manufacturer, it's capable of preserving both the driver and the jetpack in case of an accident.

We've seen Martin and its jetpacks before, but this newest incarnation runs on a V12 engine and can carry a payload of 120 kg. This version can fly for up to thirty minutes. Martin plans to send this jetpack to market in 2016.

Source: Reuters