Latest Lego Ideas kit, Titanic could be most massive yet

The latest design to reach the second stage of Lego Ideas product development is an enormous replica of the Titanic. If this Lego kit makes it all the way to production, it would be the biggest single kit every produced. The project was designed for Lego Ideas which is a crowdsourced platform that can bring anyone's concepts for a new Lego set to fruition. If a project gathers 10,000 supporters on the site, then it will be eligible for a special review after which it could go into production.

The RMS Titanic kit was designed by user Ssorg who is on a roll after gaining support for his Douglas DC-3 model airplane design. Ssorg's proposed Titanic design is offered in 3 different scales. The smallest is 750 pieces and measures in at 41.4 cm (1.37 ft), and the largest of is a 4000-piece, four-foot long behemoth. The smaller models actually split down the middle—for real sinking action! The designer says it's "a little macabre, but many people have been asking for [it]." The smaller scale versions also feature a detachable hull, so you can display the ship as if it were floating at sea.

According to the Lego Review guidelines, it takes about nine months from when the design gathers 10,000 supporters to the Lego's decision to produce the design. All of qualified designs in a three-month period are reviewed against each other in a battle where only one design makes it to production.

There is no word on how long it takes the actual product to be released, but previous winning projects took about a year. As we wait for the Titanic set, we just need to find a bottle big enough to fit this massive ship, making the ultimate coffee table display.

Source: Wired UK