Latest Bond film destroys $36M worth of sweet rides

I love a bond films as much as the next guy, but the latest flick in the franchise called Spectre has done something that makes the car guy inside me cringe. The flick cost £200 million to make and a cool £20 million of that price tag was reportedly cars that were destroyed making the film. Those amounts work out to about $36 million in cars in the US and a total budget of over $302 million.

One of the stars of the movie is the Aston Martin DB10 sports car that James Bond drives. Seven of those cars were destroyed in filming alone. Each of those seven cars was specially designed just for the movie. The most expensive scene in the film from a destroyed car perspective was a scene that takes place as Bond and the villain speed through Rome. Millions of pounds of vehicles were destroyed in that scene according to reports.

In that Rome scene the cars speed by the Vatican and the producers had to deal with the risk that one of the cars could crash into the historical city within a city. The film even sees a full size airplane destroyed crashing through a barn and then crashing into a Land Rover destroying it too.

Stunt coordinator Gary Powel says that the scene where the cars race by the Vatican at speeds up to 110mph took all night to shoot and lasted only four seconds on film. The film will hit theaters in the US on November 6 while UK fans get to see the flick on October 26.

SOURCE: Dailymail