Late Bronze Age sword and golden spear found in Scotland

A sword and spear dating back to the late Bronze Age have been discovered in Scotland, where they were unearthed by construction workers during a project. Both items are made of bronze, while the spearhead in particular is also adorned in gold. Joining the metal items is a pin and scabbard for the sword. According to GUARD Archaeology, this is an 'exceptional group' that greatly contributes to archaeological findings in the nation.

The so-called weapon hoard was found in Carnoustie during the construction of two soccer pitches. While the entire discovery is notable, the spear is of particular interest for two reasons: only a small number of such spearheads have been found in the region, and the inclusion of gold helps shine light on the relative wealth of individuals in this region during that time period.

GUARD goes on to say the find has 'international significance' due to the presence of the organic materials — that is, the leather and wooden scabbard — which is described as 'extremely rare' due to its age. The spearhead also features some organic material in the form of fur skin; there's also some type of unspecified textile around the pin.

The weapons hoard is only one small part of a much larger archaeological discovery, however. The researchers say they have also found about 1,000 archaeological 'features' in this area, including a dozen sub-circular houses likely from the Bronze Age, a Neolithic hall dating back to about 4,000BC, the remains of a pair of reticular halls from the Neolithic period, lithic artifacts, broken pottery, and more.

SOURCE: Guard Archaeology