Laser-Bonded Titanium Knives Only Need Sharpened Once Per 25 Years

Nothing slows down one's cooking time like dull knives, and while novelty sets like the recently released Star Wars Knife Block have their own appeal, they all fall short of TB Groupe's new laser-bonded titanium kitchen knives. With this set, you'll only need to sharpen them once every 25 years.

The Furtiff Evercut knives, as they're called, have a modern angular handle design that complement's the dark blades nicely. There's a gray finish on the blades — not entirely common on your average kitchen knife — which is joined by titanium-carbide that has been laser bonded to the blade's surface.

With this surface, the maker TB Groupe (France's "only eco-friendly cutlery maker") says its knives will last 300 times longer than your average steel knife, and about 5 times longer than less-common ceramic knives. This translates to sharpening the blade every quarter of a century.

This durability has been verified by an unspecified third-party tester, according to the maker, which also says the set's name Furtif translates to "Stealth", giving a nod to the unique design. The kitchen/chef/santoku knives are priced at $138 USD each, while the pairing knife is priced at $78 USD.

VIA: Gizmodo