Lars practically spills the beans on Guitar Hero: Metallica

Chris Scott Barr - Aug 7, 2008

We know that Activision is contemplating more band-themed Guitar Hero games, but they are mum as to which bands they are working with. With the recent deal to make the next Metallica album available on Guitar Hero III the same day it is released to the public for purchase, one has to wonder if they are working with the band for their own Guitar Hero title. Lets see what Las Ulrich has to say about the matter.

I think at some point a band can actually get big enough to just not care what they say. Take for instance this recent interview with Metallica rocker Lars Ulirich where he all but says “they’re making Guitar Hero Metallica”.

There’s an Aerosmith game out there that’s super successful, and if somebody’s gonna follow that up…we’re talking, and its exciting, and the people at ‘Guitar Hero’ and Activision are rapidly becoming our best new friends in the world. You can put the rest of it together yourself.

My puzzle-solving skills aren’t what they once were, so I’ve contacted my crack team of specialists, and we’ve translated the text to mean that either Lars just confirmed a Gutiar Hero: Metallica title, or that the band is planning on buying the Guitar Hero franchise and will rule the gaming world with an iron fist. I’m not sure, but I think I’m leaning toward the latter.

[via MTV Multiplayer]

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