Larry Hryb Says Microsoft Ran Out of Xbox 360s in December

Today, market researcher NPD is supposed to release the sales rankings of the video game consoles. While it may not be released publicly, which NPD has chosen to do in the past, Microsoft's Xbox LIVE Director of Programming Larry Hryb has come forward and tweeted why Microsoft may not be at the head of the pack if the numbers do get released. And, in a strange twist of fate, it's not because the Xbox 360 isn't popular, but it may be because the console is too popular.

According to Hryb, who is better known as Major Nelson, he was told that Microsoft had actually run out of the consoles. In light of that, he doesn't think that Microsoft will "win" the NPD sales rankings, when –or if– they get announced. It's an ironic twist that, if this is true and the Xbox 360 did run dry durin the holiday season, Microsoft wouldn't win the first place spot, all because they couldn't keep up with demand.

Hryb didn't help the situation either, when he went on to tweet that the stock for Xbox 360 consoles would continue to be tight throughout January, and even into February. The stock isn't completely dry, though. Retailers like Amazon and Walmart still have consoles waiting for potential customers to come by. We'll have to wait and see about those NPD numbers, though, and whether or not they'll be made public. If not, we'll have to hope that the console manufacturers report the sales.

[via CNET]