Largan Optics CEO fingers Apple as a buyer of 8MP lenses

Apple rumors will never die, they just get refreshed. It's no surprise to anyone that follows tech that the rumors surround Apple and its coming iPhone and iPad specs never end. Each time a new model is released the speculation starts again on what will be next. There have been several rumors that point to features of the iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 depending on what rumor you prefer for the name of the next device.

One of the rumors that keeps surfacing is that the new version of the iPhone will get a better camera. We mentioned last month that Omnivision had hinted in a report that Apple was using its 8MP camera sensors in the coming version of the iPhone and iPad tablet. We have another new rumor today that supports the next iPhone having an 8MP camera onboard. This rumor comes by way of the CEO of Largan. Largan makes camera phone optics and lenses.

Largan CEO Lin En-ping said at a shareholders meeting that it was seeing increasing orders of 8MP lenses coming from suppliers and then went on to specifically name Apple as one of the suppliers ordering the 8MP lenses. Lin also noted in the meeting that he expects 8MP lenses to replace the 5MP lenses in smartphones and tablets next year. This year 10% of its shipments will be for 8MP lenses and 60% will be for 5MP units.

[via DigiTimes]