LapWorks offers up new iPad and eReader stand

Shane McGlaun - May 25, 2010
LapWorks offers up new iPad and eReader stand

I think most of you who are using an iPad today know that the things can be a real pain in your neck if you stare down at them for extended periods. This can be fixed though if you put the iPad on a stand for watching video and reading.

LapWorks has a new stand that has debuted called the iPad & eReader Recliner. The device is an ergonomic stand that is angle adjustable for comfort. The bottom of the stand is a rubber cushion that cushions the iPad as you use it.

The stand can adjust infinitely between upright and fully laying flat. The structure is made from ABS plastic and it has a footrest and a headrest that are each 8-inches high. You can pick one up on sale for $29.95 right now.

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