Laptop Wallet - Simple, yet effective

When it comes to my laptop, I generally keep a firm grip on it. I can't remember ever dropping it. That's not to say that it won't ever happen, I've just been fortunate to not lose my grip yet. If you're worried about dropping it and don't feel like carrying around a bulky case, this sleeve might be worth checking out.

This Laptop Wallet from Working Class Heroes is a simple-looking laptop case that does little more than keep it safe. What sets this apart from other similar wallets is the addition of a strap that keeps it nestled against your arm at all times.

The Laptop Wallet comes in three sizes specifically made for MacBooks and MacBook Pros. You can, however, have it custom ordered in any size you'd like. The wallets start at just $59.

Laptop Wallet For The Clumsy [via gearfuse]