Land Rover Crams a Kitchen into a Discovery for Jamie Oliver

Land Rover has been busy of late doing some oddly cool things to promote the Discovery SUV. The Discovery towed a massive road train across the Australian outback. Now Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations has teamed up with Jamie Oliver to cram a dream kitchen into the Discovery for cooking on the go. The bespoke SUV has all manner of cooking gadgets including an ice cream maker and wheels that churn butter as you drive.

The Discovery that Oliver had constructed has a toaster in the center console, a rotisserie that is powered by the power take off and a slow cooker that sits beside the engine. The special SUV also features a pasta maker, gas hob, and a deployable dining table and worktop. An herb garden and spice rack in the rear windows is there for the taste when cooking.

There will be a three part series on Oliver's Food Tube channel that will show the build process and then highlights Oliver cooking for his family using the rolling kitchen. The engine bay slow cooker has 4.7 liter capacity, the herb garden has eight plants and the spice rack holds 11 spice pots.

There is an olive oil and vinegar dispenser holding 500ml each. The kitchen table and worktop is 1.1 meters wide and 1.5 meters tall made from aluminum wrapped in leather and wood veneer. A fold out TV packs a 40-inch screen and has inputs for movie watching on the go.

There are three wheel mounted butter churners with 5 liter capacity each and an ice cream maker is mounted to the fourth wheel to make 5 liters of ice cream while you drive. The car even has a folding grille that can be mounted on the table.

SOURCE: Land Rover