Land Crawler exTreme Uses 12 Legs to Carry 175 Pounds

Evan Selleck - Nov 26, 2010
Land Crawler exTreme Uses 12 Legs to Carry 175 Pounds

While the United States Army may get all the glory when it comes to load-bearing robots, it’s pretty obvious that the designs are being built all around the globe. Whether it be for general purposes, or one in particular, these robots can usually be pretty small in their own right, but be able to carry quite a large amount given the right circumstances. The Land Crawler exTreme is one of those robots, which is reportedly being built to carry humans.

The Land Crawler exTreme is a small robot, especially considering the job its being given. At just 27 pounds, you wouldn’t think this little walker was capable of doing much. But, it has the ability to hold a single human on its flat surface, as long as they weigh 175 pounds, at the most. Only thing is, it’s so small, that you can’t really lay down on the thing. If you want to ride the Land Crawler exTreme, you’ll need to be able to balance pretty well. Check out the little robot that could in the video below.

[via TechnaBob]

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