LaCie XtremKey 8GB USB Drive Seems Almost Indestructible [Video]

Evan Selleck - Jul 13, 2010
LaCie XtremKey 8GB USB Drive Seems Almost Indestructible [Video]

Apparently, at least according to LaCie, their brand new XtremKey 8GB USB flash drive is the most adventurous USB flash drive in the market. We don’t think we can necessarily argue with that point, considering we don’t think many USB flash drives intend to be that adventurous. But, hey, if you plan on taking your USB drive with you on a particularly precarious mountain climbing adventure, or you’ve got a 10-ton truck you’d like to roll over it, at least you’ll be content in knowing it won’t just disintegrate.

Amongst a whole list of other things its impervious to (yes, it is 10-ton truck resistant), it is also able to survive in environments heated up to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, or negative 122 degrees Fahrenheit. It can read at speeds upwards of 40MBs per second, and write at 30MBs per second. Oh, and if you go diving? It can survive completely submerged down to 333 feet. The USB drive is created from zamac alloy (which is a metal alloy created from zinc, aluminum, copper, and magnesium), which makes it possible that 10-ton truck.

The video itself is pretty interesting, so check that out below. If you’re interested in picking one up, you can check out one of LaCie’s many retail outlets, like their Online Store. You’ll have to drop £42.99 to get your hands on the 8GB model. We’re fans of the circular design for that metal alloy casing — what do you think?

Press Release:

LaCie XtremKey: The World’s Most Adventurous USB Flash Drive

• Thick metal pipe casing protects your data from the elements
• Resistant to pressure, water, high drops, and extreme hot and cold
• Up to 64GB of storage in a three-inch form factor

LONDON, UK (13th July, 2010) – LaCie announced today the LaCie XtremKey – offering industrial-strength protection for your data. With capacities up to 64GB and an impenetrable shell, the XtremKey is a truly rugged USB key that stands up to the elements.

LaCie, originator of the flat, award-winning key-shaped USB flash drives, shields the XtremKey’s premium flash memory modules inside a 2mm metal pipe casing. Sealed with wear-resistant screw threads and a rubber O-ring, it is watertight up to 100 metres. The LaCie XtremKey is also resistant to 5-metre drops, fierce heat and bitter cold – it holds up in any environment, no matter where you take it (+200°C / -50°).

XtremKey is constructed with zamac, a metal alloy composed of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper that’s so strong, it can withstand the pressure of a 10-ton truck. Less than three inches tall, this flash memory drive puts strength, security and storage right on your keyring.

“The XtremKey offers extreme durability and capacity in a convenient, well-protected and fun form factor,” said Alexis Kobassian, Product Manager, LaCie. “Despite the robust, industrial-strength protection we’ve added, it’s still a LaCie key that brings ease-of-use and reliability to customers looking to keep their data secure while on the go.”

Equipped with the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 interface, XtremKey offers instant compatibility, outstanding transfer speeds and cross-platform convenience to all PC and Mac® users. With writing speeds up to 30 MBp/s and reading up to 40 MBp/s, you don’t have to sacrifice performance for protection.

Designed by Constance Guisset exclusively for LaCie, XtremKey works relentlessly to keep your data protected, all while being portable, powerful and perfectly suited for your life’s adventures. The key, when placed on a desktop, even shows some playful personality with a perfectly balanced wobble effect.

The LaCie XtremKey starts in 8GB capacity through the LaCie Online Store, LaCie Corner, and LaCie Reseller+ starting at £42.99. For more product information, visit

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