LaCie Little Disk makes use of 1.3-inch hard disk drives

James Allan Brady - Jan 18, 2008

This amazingly small USB, bus-powered hard drive comes in capacities of 30 and 40 gigabytes and is small. So small it is described by Ars as being slightly larger than a Zippo lighter, but lighter than one.

It’s a collaborative effort between Samsung, the makers of those extremely small 1.3-inch HDDs, and LaCie, seemingly in an effort to showcase just how small things have gotten. The only potential downside is the low, low RPM of 3600 RPMs.

But, they are light, small, and look like they could fit in your pocket without showing too much of a bulge. If you want one, they won’t be shipping until February, but you can pre-order now for $130 and $160 respective to the capacity.

Macworld.ars: LaCie brings tiny, tiny hard drives [via ars technica]

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