LaCie Fuel 1TB Drive Offers AirPlay For iPad, iPhone And Mac

LaCie has rolled out the red carpet for the Fuel, a sporty external hard drive designed specifically for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. In addition to being wireless, the Fuel HDD also features AirPlay, hence the Apple-centric customer base. The drive will be available "soon", though the company hasn't specified a hard date. Priced at $199 USD with 1TB capacity.

The drive offers a battery life of up to 10 hours, depending on usage, and features its own WiFi network, so no secondary wireless network is needed to shuttle files between the drive and your Apple device. Beyond this, the LaCie Fuel also functions as a hotspot device when connected to a WiFi network, offering Internet sharing with other devices.

As mentioned, there's AirPlay for Apple users, as well as integration with Dropbox. There's compatibility for USB 3.0 for rapid transfer, as well as with the Seagate Media app, which is available on Kindle slates, iOS, and Android. Files are automatically sorted by type, and there's full-screen navigation.

Said LaCie's CEO and Chairman Philippe Spruch: "The mobile industry is ubiquitous. Consumers rely on their mobile devices more than any other personal technology. The LaCie Fuel enriches mobile entertainment by providing consumers with ample storage and untethered accessibility. By name, form, and function, the LaCie Fuel lets users sustain their digital life."